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Reading is scientific.  Reach your fullest potential and find out how with everything about literacy.


As a reading specialist, literacy coach, and life long learner, literacy is the most important skill anyone can learn. How we speak, listen, what we read, and how we write are all necessary components to be successful. My approach to coaching teachers stems from the fact that everyone can benefit from a personal coach. Teaching is no different! Here are some of Anita Archer's sayings (my favorite literacy specialist) who helps guide me throughout my practice:

About Me

How It Works

What I offer:

Areas of Coaching/Tutoring  Subject Areas:

Literacy Sessions For Coaching or Tutoring:

Online One on One Lessons:

Every subject incorporates literacy.There is an opportunity for each aspect in Math, Social Studies, Science, and of course, English Language Arts. Each core subject has areas of literacy in which reading and writing are present.  Others have listening and speaking also!

Reading Intervention for struggling readers of all ages

Rate: $65/hr

Core Subject Practice for 

students Pre-K through 12th grade.


College Prep/Adult Literacy

ELA/Reading Strategies

Rate: $75/hour

Levels of  Teaching


Middle School

High School

College Prep

Adult Literacy

Online Group Sessions:

Critical thinking and peer discussion are important components of learning acceleration. Core subjects are best practiced using this approach

Rate: $50/hour


What Happy
Teachers, Students, and
Parents Say

"Thank you for being such an awesome coach! You really have helped me grow in my practice."

- Maria F.

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